Mommy Bloggers wanted, get a free Santa’s License!

Two children sneak downstairs to get a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

It’s almost as good as catching a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!

Attention mommy bloggers, we need your help!

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Just imagine the excitement in your household this Christmas morning when the kids race down to the Christmas tree and one notices that Santa must have dropped his sleigh driver license while he was there! It’s unquestionable proof of Santa’s visit!

It’s harder than ever to get kids to believe in Santa Claus and that’s why we made sure Santa’s License looks completely real. We based the design of Santa’s License off of an actual state issued driver’s license for a realistic look that is sure to fool even the smartest skeptic.

And it’s not just for Christmas, you can have fun all year! Let me share a story from a law enforcement officer who had bought Santa’s License to use in an interesting way:

“I brought it home and told the kids that I had pulled Santa over in the neighborhood, that he must have been checking up on them. I told them that I gave Santa a warning for making a u-turn, but he took off before I could give him back his license.
My kids actually believe it is Santa’s real sleigh license and both are absolutely convinced that he was out checking to see who’s being naughty or nice. What’s funny is that my wife says she’s not had to ask them twice to brush their teeth before bed for days!”

You really can keep the belief in Santa Claus going all year round with this little card. And maybe even get your kids to start brushing before bed, too!

Have fun with it, and let me know how it goes… request your free Santa’s License below. We are positive that yule love Santa’s License! If you use Santa’s License in an interesting way, please let us know, we love hearing from you!

free-shippingRemember parents, leaving Santa’s License out for your kids to find on Christmas morning, is sure to end in the most memorable Christmas ever! Imagine how much fun that would be… It’s actual proof of Santa!

Santa’s License is really affordable, only $7.49 with free shipping! And it’s not just for kids, Santa’s License is a great gift for your friends, family, co-workers or classmates.