Santa's License is Proof of Santa's Visit!This year, give your kids actual PROOF of Santa's Visit!

Santa’s License is an inexpensive and simple way to give your kids a memorable and magical Christmas they will never forget... The Christmas that Santa dropped his license!

Just imagine…. It’s Christmas morning and the kids race down to the Christmas tree to see what Santa left for them... and there in the excitement one notices that Santa must have dropped his sleigh driver license while he was there!

Proof-of-santa-kidYour kids will absolutely believe it is Santa’s REAL license!

It’s harder than ever to get kids to believe in Santa Claus. That’s why we made sure Santa’s License looks completely real. We based the design of Santa’s License off of an actual state issued driver’s license for a realistic look that is sure to fool even the smartest skeptic! Click here to get your proof of Santa!

NPDPS-sealThe front of Santa’s License features an official seal of the North pole Department of Public safety, Santa’s photo, his address, stats and Santa's signature. Featured on the back side of Santa’s License you’ll find a realistic looking magnetic strip and barcode, as well as a list of endorsements and restrictions.

Santa's License is made of durable 30ml thick glossy plastic... it's as thick and rigid as a credit card. The printing is superb quality, in brilliant color, and looks completely real. Your kids WILL believe Santa dropped his license!


secretshippingFree secret shipping to USA residents!

Don’t be worried about having Santa's License mailed right to your door, because we send Santa’s License in a plain envelope to avoid suspicions upon arrival.

Along with your Santa’s License, we’ll also send you a list of suggestions on where to drop it, and what to do if the kids want to return it to Santa. Click here to get yours now!