When my 6 and 10 year old daughters found Santa’s License on Christmas morning, the reactions were priceless! Abby our youngest literally jumped for joy! It was really cute and a special moment I’ll remember for ever. They even took it to Christmas dinner at grandma’s to show all their cousins. Heck the whole family loved it, but I think some of us adults may have enjoyed it even more than the kids did!!
~Connie Gilbertson, Taylorsville, NC

It fooled the little ones aged 6 and 8! But my other set of grandkids who are older (11, 13 & 14) didn’t fall for it. But they all got a good laugh out of it, and had a great time with it.
~Richard N., Albuquerque, NM

I have 3 sets of grandchildren and their families who all enjoyed them. One set – the youngest – really believed that Santa dropped the license. I asked them if they were going to return it – they said if we knew how and where to send it. Middle set -the same reaction – they liked it – they said he never lost it before. 3rd set OLDER – cannot fool them…
~F.P. Cleveland, OH

Our grandkids called me up on Christmas morning to tell me all about finding Santa’s license! They were really excited, thanks!
~Donna Lovelace, Boulder, CO

It came really fast, thanks for the secret shipping! Very nice! My kids loved it, thanks again!!
~Ellen Lazlo, USA

This is perfect to keep the magic alive… thanks SO much!
~Stephanie B. – Virginia Beach, VA

I just had to tell you that Santa’s license and the letter were a HIT! My one daughter in law said her daughters showed them to a teacher and to all the kids at every play date they had over the holidays. I’m sure there will be more sharing tomorrow when they return to school!

The other daughter in law said the kids can’t stop talking about it, and thanked me for adding more magic to their Christmas.

~Melody Blood – Canton, OH